What is the Reason that Yahoo Deleting all Content Ever Posted to Yahoo Groups

Yahoo Groups has been one of the largest online discussion forum sets throughout the world. The word Groups applies to online communication that is a combination between an electronic mailing list and shared data on the page of the Group. Furthermore, participants can choose to receive user, regular digest or special delivery e-mails, or simply read community posts on the website of the organization.

Almost Eighteen years, Yahoo Groups shut down and the company owned by Verizon will delete all data from the website on December 14. Yahoo chose not to allow users to upload content to the Yahoo Groups website anymore, the company said in a client note. You will not be able to upload any more material to the site at the starting of October twenty-eight, and as of December Fourteen, all data uploaded on the site will be permanently removed. You will have to save anything you have downloaded until that date. Read about buy yahoo account.

The notification links to a Yahoo web page that provides directions for uploading photos and files from groups you belong to before the cutoff date, but the process sounds laborious because you need to click on each image or document you want to access. The notice of shut down also ties to a page that gives directions to download all of your Yahoo data. This page notes that it may be taking up to thirty days to complete the processing of the request and to make the download accessible.

Though the site of Yahoo Groups will continue to exist after December fourteen, it will make all public groups private or limited, Yahoo said. Users will simply be able to connect with your groups via email and search the site for private groups, and administrators will have limited access to group settings and admin tools, but that’s it.

All of the following benefits are gone,Files, Polls Links, Images, Folders, Calendar, Database Attachments, Conversations, Email Updates, Message Digest, Message History.

The site of Yahoo Groups is already feeling insecure. I saw a list of groups visiting today’s website that hadn’t been around for years. The homepage also links to the official blog of Yahoo Groups, although since October 2014 has not been updated. If you click on a band, at the top of the page you will see a note warning of the imminent shutdown.

Yahoo introduced Groups on January 30th, 2001, stating in a news release that the platform would help users “develop relationships, stay in touch, share ideas, and address interests through the accessibility of common e-mail and Web-based resources.” In 2010, Yahoo said there were 115 million members of Yahoo Groups and 10 million groups at the time, eWeek reported. Yahoo also announced then that it had deals for pre-installing Yahoo applications on portable devices with around a hundred carriers and phone manufacturers around the globe.

Yahoo was already getting pressure from Facebook but was trying to persuade users that the unique benefits Yahoo Groups offered. If you have hundreds of friends on Facebook, you need to be cautious about sharing something that might be disrespectful or not important to someone, Yahoo user experience manager Greg Rosenberg said in the 2010 article to eWeek. For example, with Yahoo Groups, you can begin a neighborhood page with a smaller group that would only be of interest to neighborhood residents.

As social networks grew, Yahoo Groups lost popularity, and the Yahoo Company declined overall throughout the 2010s. In June 2017, Verizon bought Yahoo’s $4.48 billion operating business, creating a new subsidiary called “Oath,” which included both Yahoo and AOL.

Oath now renamed “Verizon Media” struggled to compete effectively on the advertising business against Google and Facebook, and Verizon reacted by cutting the budget and employees of the company regularly.

So you can save data from a group before it is deleted, Yahoo says you can download your data directly from the site of your group, or go to the Privacy Dashboard page of Verizon Media, sign in to your Yahoo account, and request for information from your community. Yahoo says it’s going to email you once you’re ready to access your info. And the Internet Archive can preserve some of the material.

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