Top 5 dress material neck design

Salwar suits are one of the most admired and popular outfits all around the globe. They come in different varieties and patterns. They are detailed with several embroidery works and arts. There are several types of embroidery work like aari work, zardozi work, phulkari work, etc.

They also come in prints like digital prints, geometrical prints, and floral prints. The attire has an alluring neckline and types of sleeves. The sleeves and neck designs are one of the most attractive parts of this outfit. There are several types of neck designs available in different designs and patterns.

1. Simple Neck designs:

There are different types of simple neck designs that can be matched with printed dresses or embroidered dresses. 

– Boat Neck:

As per the name, the design resembles a boat shape. It is a type of high neck that has an oval shape and a broad neck. Short sleeves look best with this neckline. These designs are nowadays very popular in Kurtis and lehenga choli.

– Round Neckline:

This is also a very popular and simple neck design. It is very commonly used in salwar suits. Anarkali salwar suits mostly have this type of neckline. This type can be worn by every age of girl and is suitable for every function.

– V Neckline:

This is also one of the simplest necklines. It is seen in many salwar suits and Kurtis. Nowadays girls also prefer to wear this type of neckline at functions, weddings, occasions, and festivals. This neckline looks very alluring in an embroidered dress. 

2. Classical Neck designs:

They are the ones that are trending for ages. They are always in trend and the design never fails to impress others. You can also go through wholesale dress material if you are looking to style up your look.

– Square Neck:

This is one of the most famous and gorgeous necklines. Not only for salwar suits but this design looks good even on the blouse, Kurtis, and gowns. The one having a rectangular body shape can flaunt this neckline very perfectly.

– U Neck:

It is similar to a round neckline but it is deeper then the simple round neck. Women having slim arms and broad shoulders can carry this design very perfectly. It is very much popular in heavy salwar suits that are embroidered with stones and motifs.

– Broad Neck:

This design is better for girls having a full and slimmer shoulder. The design looks very attractive and glamorous. This one is mainly preferred for Patiala and palazzo salwar suits. MAtch this type of neck with long net sleeves and be the center of attraction at the party.

3. Collar Neck designs:

They are gaining very much importance nowadays.This type of design looks gorgeous on blouses, Kurtis and especially on salwar suits. 

– Butterfly Collar:

This is one of the most trending collar patterns among all the other collar patterns. This type of design has a long collar that has a tip on the neck and resembles a V- shape at the end of the neck. They are usually popular in printed dresses.

– High neck Collar:

It is a design that is round and simple form the top also known as stand collar. The neck is fully surrounded with this design and it can also have some different patterns in front. They make the attire look more attractive and ravishing.

– Chinese Collar:

This design is similar to a stand collar but has an opening in the front. The design is completed by adding a v-shape or a round shape at the end. They are mainly popular for salwar suits and straight cut Kurtis. Avoid this type in Anarkali suits as they will make your outfit look awkward. 

4. Off-shoulder Neck designs:

They are one of the modern styles of neck designs. This trending neckline is seen in Kurtis, crop tops, gowns, and salwar suits. 

– Boat Neck Off-shoulder:

This is a style that has a boat neck completing the style with a lace. They are a broad style of neckline that is very popular among young girls and ladies. The design is seen in salwar suits, gowns and lehenga choli. A beautiful choker necklace matches well with this type of neckline.

– V-Neck Off-shoulder:

It is also one of the famous designs for off-shoulder. The pattern looks better on a rectangular body with slim arms and shoulders. Make your attire look more alluring by designing it in some gorgeous pattern from the bottom.

– Embroidered Off-shoulder:

This pattern has an embroidered and heavy off-shoulder neckline that is an eye-catcher. It is suitable for all functions and occasions. The designs are very popular nowadays and look glamorous on each and every lady.

5. Unique Neck designs:

The list is not yet over. There are many other neck patterns that look amazing when matched with salwar suits.

– Leaf shape Neck design:

This is a pattern that has a broad neck and a sharp ending that resembles a leaf shape in front. The design is commonly seen in salwar suits and Kurtis. The neck is detailed with stones and diamonds to give a more alluring look to the attire.

– Close-cut Neck design:

In this type of neckline, the design is very close to the neck. It is not so broad giving the effect of a high neck. It does not have collars but the shape and detail of this type of necks look very attractive. They are a good pair for churidar dresses.

– Angrakha Neck design:

This is a neckline that has a wide end. The ending of one neckline is overlapped on another and has a thread at the end. This style gives a unique and different look to the attire and the one who wears it looks really ravishing.

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