Top 10 Cotton Salwar Suits Designs

Salwar kameez is a three-piece attire that is worn on a daily basis as well as on special occasions and events. It suits women of every age, many of them wear it on a casual basis as they give a comfortable and fresh feel to the wearer.

No other traditional attire can give the comfortable feel that a salwar kameez gives. There are numerous varieties in salwar suits that have adoring designs and patterns and if the attire is made up of cotton then no other material can beat it. This is the only fabric that is suitable for every type of climate.

Some Cotton Salwar Suit Designs: 

  1. Patiala Salwar Suit:
Patiala Salwar Suit

One of the most popular patterns of salwar suit is the Patiala style salwar suit that originated from Punjab state of India. The outfit consists of a flared salwar that has several pleats giving the salwar a nice flare. It is paired with a short tunic that has side slits so that the pattern of salwar can be showcased well. A beautiful printed or embroidered dupatta completes the entire look of this attire. This outfit is usually colorful and has printed patterns to give a spontaneous look to the wearer.

  1. Anarkali Salwar Suits:
Anarkali Salwar Suits

This is a type of salwar suit that has been popular since the Mughal period. Women at that time used to wear this frock style dress and later on the pattern gathered a lot of attention and became very popular. A floor-length Anarkali kameez paired with a leggings or churidar salwar is a best pick for any occasion or festival. You can see many models and celebrities wearing this style of dresses in movies and promotional events. 

  1. Pakistani Salwar Suits
Pakistani Salwar Suits

This pattern usually consists of a long kameez and different styles of pants like narrow pants, palazzo pants, legging or a churidar salwar. The tunic is usually in straight patterns having side slits, an Anarkali Kurti is also a good match with churidar salwar or leggings. They are very comfortable and have some intricate details done with stonework, diamond work, pearls and motif works, etc. Lacework, patchwork and other embroidery work are also used to decorate these dresses.

  1. Straight Salwar Suits:
Straight Salwar Suits

An elegant and simple pattern is a straight cut salwar suit. The best part of this suit is that it can be paired with any type of salwar. A printed

cotton straight kameez paired with a palazzo salwar, churidar salwar, a narrow pant or a Patiala salwar is the best combination for any occasion or event. These straight suits can vary in lengths, they are available in medium length, knee length and floor-length. You also get great choices regarding neck and sleeve designs. 

  1. Churidar Salwar Suits:
Churidar Salwar Suits

If you want to look tall and slim then churidar salwar suits are the best. An ankle-length salwar having several wrinkles at the ankle paired with a straight tunic, an Anarkali Kurti or any other asymmetrical Kurti will give you a stylish and tall look. A plain churidar salwar and a beautifully embroidered straight Kurti will look alluring on any lady. For a more better and traditional look match a beautiful dupatta with your attire and you are ready. 

  1. Pant Style Salwar Suit:
Pant Style Salwar Suit

A pant style salwar suit includes a plain pant that can have side slits at the ankle or some buttons to give it a more attractive look, paired with a straight Kurti or slit Kurti made of cotton fabric having an alluring neckline and amazing sleeves is a nice pick for any get-together or a kitty party. The narrowness of the pant can be managed as per one’s choice and preference. The length and fitting of the pants should be properly perfect so that you get a ravishing look. 

  1. Palazzo Salwar Suit:
Palazzo Salwar Suit

A palazzo salwar is fitted from the waist and flared from the bottom. It has open ends that give the wearer a comfortable feel and easy movement. When paired with a long and straight salwar it looks awesome. The best attire for summer is a palazzo pant and a beautiful cotton Kurti with some prints that can be floral print, motifs or leaf prints, checker prints, lining prints and animal prints will make you look a perfect lady on a hot and humid day. 

  1. Angrakha Salwar Suit:
Angrakha Salwar Suit

This pattern is also becoming trending nowadays. The angrakha Kurti has an overlapping neck design and a tie-up in the front that gives a unique look to the outfit. In the early days’ people wore it as a wrap dress, it was wrapped around the body and then tied using a long thread that had teasels at the end. Nowadays the tunic is stitched like a Kurti and has the angrakha pattern from the front having long threads or strings. 

  1. Dhoti Salwar Suit:
Dhoti Salwar Suit

A dhoti style salwar suit is similar to a Patiala suit that has a huge flare made using a single piece of cloth. The salwar has a flowing appeal that makes it look more unique and attractive. It is usually paired with a frock style short kameez, a knee-length straight kameez with side slits also look gorgeous with dhoti. Many girls love to pair a long t-shirt with salwar for a modern and stylish look. 

  1. Collar Neck Salwar Suits:
Collar Neck Salwar Suits

A beautiful designer wholesale cotton dress material gives the salwar suit the perfect stitch with collar neck designs that can make you gather a lot of attention. Chinese collar Kurti, high neck collar Kurti, butterfly collar Kurti or a simple neck with collar Kurti paired with a churidar salwar is an attire that makes it hard to take your eyes off from them.

A salwar suit with a collar neck is the perfect dress that makes you look a stunner. Wear it at some event or party and be a graceful lady there.

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