How To Look Stylish In Salwar Suit?

The salwar suit has always been an iconic outfit and an integral part of Indian culture. Seen as an outfit that represents feminism and tradition, this garment has had a modern-day makeover and is now a fashion statement attire.

Just have a look at all the latest styles and you will probably agree. Featuring being paired with anything from palazzo pants, lehenga. churidar or even a pair of leggings, women and young girls pair them up according to their style and preferences.

 Looking stylish can be a job at times, and with such heavy schedules, planning out an outfit seems like a mammoth task at hand. But do not worry, many women suffer from this exact same problem which is why we have come up with a detailed list on how to look super stylish in your salwar suit without spending weeks researching it.

1) Fashion awareness

Keeping up with fashion trends is difficult as fashion trends change as often as the weather. You do not have to be a fashion expert, but you need to at least have an idea of what is out there.

Knowing trending fashion designs can help give you a picture of what you will want to try wearing for an upcoming event.

This can be done by just an occasional reading of a fashion blog, watching fashion show highlights or even reading a newspaper or magazine to see what designs celebrities are wearing these days.

 Sometimes forgotten fashion trends make a surprising reappearance on the market again, it is no secret that Bollywood plays a vital role in the fashion industry and actually influences it.

2) What suits you?

Looking stylish is mainly accomplished by feeling comfortable, we display what we feel. That said, make sure to know what to wear and when. Try to incorporate comfortable fabrics with stylish designs to get a win both ways in terms of style and comfort. Comfortable fabrics include cotton and jacquard that are also suited for hotter climates as they are breathable.

When dressing for full-day events be sure to wear loose garments that will allow your body to breathe and will facilitate movement.  Try to avoid designs that do not suit you no matter how much you wish you would look good in them, also choose colours that compliment your skin tone, face shape, and your hairstyle. Go ahead and try new things but try not to go overboard with crazy ideas.

3) Styles of salwar kameez

Salwar kameez comes in an endless supply of options. The most difficult choice is picking the style to wear. Customizations in the top and bottom designs make it an all event attire. The top style can be Anarkali, straight, Patiala, high-low, front slits, short Kurti, the options go on and on. All adorned by a different kind of decorative design to pick from.

 As for the bottoms palazzo pants, lehenga, or churidar are all valid options to pair up from. With this many options, it will be easy to mix and match and create your own outfit if you are the creative kind.

4) Stylish yet still traditional.

One must try to make the outfit stylish but still keep to its traditional roots, totally revamping the outfit can be a flop. So to avoid this careless mistake keep a traditional template to keep you on the right path.

If you are wearing the salwar suit as daily wear it is probable that you are not wearing flashy designs every day just to do house chores in. In this case, some simple designs such as straight-cut, A-line or short Kurtis styles are much appreciated. Simple can be sophisticated and stylish.

5) Colour coordination

Colour scheme plays a vital role in making your outfit a hit or a miss. Try to stay clear of extremely neon colours as you do not want to blind anyone, also avoid dark gaudy colours that are just not meant to be worn if you want to tick the stylish box.

An all black ensemble can be a recipe for disaster, also black is a colour that people frown upon saying that is should not be worn to some joyful events. Do go for every colour in-between, reds, oranges, yellows, light blues, and greens all serve as classic colours.

You can pick a salwar suit featuring the same color on both pieces or choose to break this by pairing it with a neutral or contrasting color for the bottoms, this will add depth to the whole overall outfit.

6) Accessorize well

Every girl knows that no outfit is complete without the help of accessories, accessories are ornamental components that enhance the attractiveness of the outfit and the wearer. Some commonly known accessories include earrings, necklaces, watches, bracelets, rings, bangles, broaches and many more.

Jewelry is one such article that no woman will walk out of her house without. Some types of jewelry include tribal, gold, silver, pearl, and artificial. Gold jewelry is heavy and wearing too much can make you lose your appeal, so keep it to a limit.

If you are looking for a stunning alternative pick lighter artificial jewelry. Matching jewelry design with your outfit is a must-do if you wish to nail your look.

7) Hairstyles

Last but not least make sure you have the right hairstyle to get the most from your look. If your salwar top has great design at the back, make sure to wear your hair in the front or else pin it up.

The hairstyle should not be exotic and decorated with fancy accessories at it may steal attention from your dress.

As you can see now, a stylish look is so much more than a pretty outfit and there are many requirements that contribute to how effectively stylish your dress will be.

 Avoid the common mistakes that many women make by making the wrong decisions about color and style. Go according to your body, style, and preferences, there are many different specific styles that will make every woman look her best from head to toe.

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