How to Change Spotify Username

Spotify is a very popular app through which we can listen to music online according to your choice. The app is the collection of about 30+ million songs. It has two types of account premium account and free account which a user can use.

For using it you need nothing like any software or any other tool as you can use it very easily in the device. It has millions of customers. Many people are using it just because it is free of cost so more people are engaging with this app. Its users are enjoying more songs and their favorite songs, albums, and artists online at just free of cost.



It is not just an app for listening to music online in fact; it is more than this as it connects people like social media. By this, you can share your playlists and can see other playlists and could see your favorite artists. In this also your username is your identity through which people come to know about you.

In this context, we will explain to you are the full process of how to change the username of your Spotify account. As usual, it is not easy to change the username of the Spotify account. But we will tell you some possible options to change the username.

About Spotify Username

In Spotify person come to know each other by their username only as it is the identity of the person there. By this username, we can search any person there in the Spotify app. We have to do some strategy for changing the username of Spotify.

It is not easy to change the username as it is the identity of the person that could not be changed so easily. Many people connected by using that username so Spotify does not allow you to change it as people will get confused by it.

Methods of changing Spotify username

There are many methods to change the username of Spotify which are as follows:-

  1. You can create new Facebook account

You can create the new Facebook account if you do not want to keep your username the same as the Facebook account also and after that, you can keep the username according to your choice. As you connect that Facebook account with Spotify account then you will get the username of your choice and the username also gets changed very easily by this method.

  • You can connect your Facebook account with Spotify account

This is a very easy and simple way to change the Spotify username. You just need to connect your Facebook account. As soon as you connect your Facebook account than your username will be get changed according to your Facebook account. The method differs for the devices so here is the process of how to change for different devices.

How to change for the Mobile users

To change the username you just have to visit the official website of Spotify app from there you can change it by following some easy steps mentioned below:-

  • You need to login to your account first of all.
  • As soon as you get logged in you just need to go to settings option there will be the option of Social Media in which you will see the Facebook option.
  • After that click on the Facebook option and after that log in to the Facebook account and it will be connected.
  • As soon as the account gets linked by your Facebook account the username will be get changed very easily.

 How to change for the Desktop users

There is no fixed thing you just need to go to the official website or the app for changing the Spotify username. Here are the steps you need to follow to change it in an easy way:-

  • You first need to go the official website that is
  • After that, you need to log in to the account by using the details by which you created your account.
  • When you are log in to your account you will see the setting option that on the right side just click on it.
  • You will see the social media option there in that you have to click the Facebook option there.
  • After clicking on Facebook you will get the login page of Facebook where you have to fill all the details and your username will be changed as soon as your Facebook account gets connected.
  • Open New Spotify account

One more easy option is there that you can open the new Spotify account and after that, you can keep the username according to your choice. You have this option when you do not have to connect/link your Facebook account and even when you do not have to create a new Facebook account. This method is useful not the premium customers because they need to pay some amount for changing the username.


Features of Spotify

There are many wonderful features that will attract you to use this app for streaming the music online.

  • Sound Quality: – it’s really good sound quality and therefore the options also where you’ll adjust it consistent with your choice. the standard of sound is often customized consistent with your choice and taste.
  •  Artist Search: – during this, you’ll search the artist’s name of which you would like to concentrate on the music and may enjoy your favorite songs of that artist anywhere you would like.
  • Playlist Folder: – you’ll create the folder of your playlist by adding the songs of your choice and may stream that folder to concentrate to your favorite listed songs. One thing to notice during this is that it can only access the desktop app.
  • Deleted Folder: – If you’ve got deleted the folder and need the folder, then it’s also possible as you’ll recover it. you only got to undergo the account option of the web site and visit the setting, and there you’ll find a recover option.


It is even possible to change the Spotify account username in some manner but it is not possible to change the password. One more important note is there, as you delete the username than you will be able to use it again.

However, this app has not updated too much to make it easy to use by its customers. In any way, it is a good app to listen to music online and as it has many features. I hope you like the article on how to change the username of the Spotify account.

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