Different elements in Office Manager tools

Different elements in Office Manager tools

Accounts Payable/Check Writer 

The Accounts Payable/Check Writer system is a powerful add-on package to General Ledger. It contains all the features you expect, and then some: handwritten checks, demand checks, partial payments, 1099’s, vendor credits, what is functionality testing with example unlimited number of GL accounts for each invoice, client charges through invoice entry screen, bank statement reconciliation, extensive reporting, data import and export, cash or accrual basis GL interface.

Check Printing

One of the most tedious procedures in any firm is writing checks — facing that daily stack of check requests to pay for everything from filing fees to magazine subscriptions. Each check has to be hand-written or typed, recorded in the check register, debited and credited on the proper accounts in General Ledger, and, finally, if it’s client-related, entered on the client’s ledger. Accounts Payable/Check Writer consolidates these steps into one simple procedure. And the check can be printed as soon as its information is entered or you can wait and print as many as you like at once.

Checking Account Reconciliation

With our easy-to-use bank account reconciliation feature, it’s easy to keep track, not only of your bank balance but also of which checks have cleared and which have not. And multiple checking accounts are no problem. We can balance as many as you have.


A wide selection of reports: Cash Requirements, Vendor Analysis, Voucher Register, Pre-Check Report and General Ledger Distribution make it easy for you to keep track of where your money is going, and when.

1099 Information

Keep track of which vendors must be sent 1099’s and how much they’ve received from you during the year. Just set the switch on the vendor’s record and relax. The information will be there at the end of the year when you need it, as painlessly as possible.

General Ledger

The Office Manager’s General Ledger system is an interactive and batch-oriented system that accepts direct input from the Accounts Payable/Check Writer and summarized information from The Office Manager. Reports include the standard three-column Balance Sheet as well as a Comparative Balance Sheet, Income Statement with or without profit center breakdowns, a Detailed General Ledger, and a Trial Balance Worksheet. The Office Manager’s General Ledger is a comprehensive and robust system featuring:

No forced end-of-month closing. Your data is available all year and can be readily updated or amended.

Up to three open years. Previous, Current, and Next Year’s data is fully available at all times. When a new year begins, you don’t have to wait until all the previous year’s entries are complete and the year is closed before making entries for the new year.

Multiple, user-defined financial statement formats.

General Ledger statements may be run as often as necessary. You may include Prior-Year Comparatives or Budget figures as necessary.

Profit Centers

Import/Export ASCII data to and from spreadsheets, databases, and other software packages.

Contents of an account may be displayed or printed at any time to make error tracking as painless as possible.

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