7 tips that can make cleaning laminate floors easy

Today floors are an integral component of beautification of any structure. Gone are the days when mundane and dull floorings were the choice for residences and commercial projects.

“Laminate Flooring – the king of versatility” – Among the multiple choices of patterns and types of flooring, Laminate floors are the new trend. They are stylish, economical and long-lasting, thus giving them the title.

Being easy to maintain and requiring minimum effort makes Laminate flooring ideal for any design. However, one must remember a few points while incorporating laminate flooring into their design.

Seven cool tips for cleaning laminate floors easily

Floors are bound to get dirty, however careful you are. That is why Laminate Floors also needs cleaning, just like any other standard flooring. Unlike regular floors, laminates are not robust enough to handle rough handling.

Yes, scrubbing or chemicals may alter the beauty of the laminate, so care should be taken to prevent such mishaps. The seven essential tips that can make cleaning laminate floors easy are 

Any spills or moisture should be cleaned right away

Spills are one of the chief enemies of laminate flooring. To prevent long term permanent damage, it is best to wipe the spilled liquid immediately. A highly absorbable fabric or tissue is best for the job.

Any moisture trail or remnant can cause the laminate to develop watermarks or stains which are difficult to clean up later on.

Avoid chemicals and reagents

Laminates and chemical reagents do not gel well. Unlike mosaic, marble or even wooden flooring, Laminates tend to bleach out or corrode on coming in contact with these chemical agents.

Using vinegar as a cleaning solution is also a matter of debate. Vinegar being acidic in nature can cause damage and fade marks to appear on the floor. In case of grease, or food spill, mopping the area with a mild soap is sufficient enough to break down the oil and grease.

Vacuum regularly

The best and most straightforward way to maintain the sparkling condition of laminate floors is to vacuum it regularly. The vacuum cleaner removes the overlying dust and specks of dirt and also sucks the deeply embedded unwanted products from the crevices and corners.

One of the good Vacuum for laminate floors is Miele Complete C3 Vacuum. The canister vacuum cleaner is designed to pick up even the smallest of fine particles of the laminate without needing a repeat cleaning motion.

Use floor pads, mats, and carpets

A laminate floor is relatively easy to clean up if a few small hacks and tricks are implemented. Placing a few rugs, door pads and carpets all around the place reduces the chances of laminates getting dirty.

Since these floor pads are often easy to clean, they are a far better and convenient choice to keep the laminate floors protected. Do you love wearing stilettos or have a furry buddy at home? 

These extra pads and carpets act as protective layers for the laminates. They act as a shield that protects the laminates from scratches and heel indentations. In case you do not have these carpets and pads, extra measures are needed to prevent ruining your laminate.

As a measure in such scenarios, it is best to avoid wearing heels on the laminate floors. It is also best to ensure that the nails of your furry companions are always trimmed.

Use laminate specialized cleaning agents

While traditional floor cleaning agents are best avoided on laminate floors, there are still other options available. Specially created solutions or laminate floor cleaning agents are available to use.

These cleaning agents have milder chemical concentrations that are suitable for cleaning laminate floors without decreasing their shelf life. They are especially useful in providing a natural sheen on the floor without the need to use excessive polishing or mopping.

Use a damp mop and not wet one to wipe

As stated before, moisture and laminates are not the right combinations. So it is essential never to use wet mops on laminate floors. However, damp cloth or mop can be used to clean the laminate surface.

Damp fabric removes small marks and dirt stains easily without needing much effort. Mopping the laminate floor at regular intervals with a damp cloth is an easy way to ensure it stays in a sparkling and spotless state at all times.

Soft brushes work best on laminates

Metal scrubs and pads should never be used on laminate floors. In the case of corners, dirt clogs or mud spots, soft-bristled brushes can be used. The soft brush does not leave any scratch marks on the laminate floor, so it works perfectly well as a cleaning tool for laminate floors.

Dislodging specks of dirt and muds using laminate cleaning agents and soft bristle brush is the easiest way to clean the laminate floors quickly and safely.

Remembering these simple and useful tips while cleaning laminate floors increases its longevity further. “A clean floor leaves a lasting impression” – Be it a contemporary theme or a vintage one, there is bound to be a laminate design that’s just entirely right for the thematics.

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