1Fichier Premium Account

1Fichier is the France based file hosting service provider which is the best compatible provider and is in very much demand nowadays. It is a very fast and simple file hosting. Under this, the user can use many tools under one roof. It has many features that a user would love to use.

Features of 1Fichier

There are many features of this file hosting service provider which when you will know will never stop using it and who are not using will start using it. The features are as follows:-

  • The user can download the file anytime he/she wants.
  • User has the facility to upload the file in this service provider.
  • You can share the file to anyone according to your need and requirements.
  • It is very safe to use without any risk of data leak or anything.
  • You can access it anytime for anything without any restriction of any type of file like video, audio and image etc.

As it is seen that we can upload the file on the 1fichier so now to keep any file safely became easier. This means that you need not to have memory card, hard disk or any other thing to store the data in it.

How to enroll on 1Fichier

The enrollment of Fichier is very easy you only have to register on it. For this process of registration you need the email id and password and the email id will be used as the username also after that just solves the captcha. As soon as you solve the captcha you will get logged in and by this your 1Fichier account will be created very easily.


About CDN

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. You should have the knowledge about it as it has been used in this software. It is a useful and important feature of 1fichier. By this feature only it is possible to transfer or share the data or folder/file to the other user. The only thing that you need to do is selecting the user you want the share the file with.

It shares that file within the couple of time as the speed is very high of sharing the files. In this you get the storage of 10GB to store the data. In this the 1fichier premium user can get 100GB space to use for your data. If anyone wants more space than they need to pay extra 1€ for 100GB.


Pricing and Plans of 1Fichier account

The plans and pricing of 1Fichier are been different as it has 4 types of users which are as follows:-

  1. Registered User
  2. Anonymous
  3. Access User
  4. Premium User

The users have the different2 authorities as the person who will be paying will enjoy more benefits than the person who is not paying any amount for the using the facility. All the 4 users have different types of access in this software.

Description of Plans

  Registered Anonymous Access Premium
  CDN Credits   0   Optionally Available   0   100GB per month
Download Speed Limited Very Limited Unlimited Unlimited
Storage 1TB Not Given 1TB Unlimited
Ads Yes Yes No No
Captcha No Yes No No
Size of File Received 50GB 5GB 100GB 100GB
Pause/Resume Download No No Yes Yes
Priority Download No No Yes Yes
IP Verification No No Yes Yes
Parallel/ Simultaneous Downloads No No Yes Yes
Additional Download Manager Not Available Not Available Available Available
Price Free Free 1€ per month Or 10€ per year   3€ per month Or 30€ per year  

Options available in 1Fichier for uploading file:-

There are many ways to upload the files in 1Fichier is according to your choice that in which you want to upload the file. The main options which are mostly used by the people are as follow:-

  • FTP Upload
  • Web Upload
  • Upload Manager

Payment Options of 1Fichier Account

There are many options to pay to become the premium user of 1Fichier. The payment section is the most important part for all the users as in this there should not be any mistake as all have the risk in their mind about the money they are investing. 1Fichier premium account user can use this options which are mentioned below:-

  1. Bank Transfer
  2. Bitcoin
  3. Paypal

By all this method you can pay for the premium account as they are very easy option and the easiest method is you can directly transfer by your bank account as all use this method and all have their bank account available with them.

Safety Facility of 1Fichier

1Fichier is very tightly secured and there are no chances of data leaking or misusing of your personal details and information whichever you have added in your account. The head of 1fichier have worked very carefully on its safety so that they do not get any complaints from their customers.

It is because every person focuses on the safety purpose first of all the other things. The software and the keys that are used in this are very highly advanced and cannot be broken by anyone.

In this one more interesting quality is present that is no one is able to use you data or file without your permission that only if you give him/her the username and password than only they can see all your files and data. One more best thing about 1fichier is that is never sells your data to anyone at any cost without your permission.

Support of 1Fichier

1Fichier team is always available for your help in every possible manner whenever you try to contact them. There facility is 24*7 you just need to post an email ticket on their website or the social accounts. As soon as you submit the ticket you get the response from the  team against your query.


1Fichier server

Fichier servers are positioned in several nations and areas like in France and Holland. This technique has supplied different- totally different servers for each sort of customers (registered, access, premium) so that every person will get in keeping with the given plan the services.

By this the burden and site visitors additionally will get divided between the customers and never a lot load comes to at least one explicit server. Fichier safe all the info which is sent by the network  by IPv4 and if wanted extra safety than additionally they make use of IPv6 and SSL facility.


If I give you any suggestion about it is that you should be in favor of using premium account of 1Fichier. This is so because in that premium account you will get more advanced features which will be more useful for you and which will help you very much every time. The amount they are taking is very reasonable and could be afford by anyone without any hesitation.

Their services are better and easier to understand than any other file hosting service provider. If you are not happy from the features and do not want to use it further than 1Fichier will refund you your amount back. 1Fichier always keeps his customer happy so that they can get the best service for all the things.

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